Who we are
MOLOT is a 3D Architectural Visualization and Rendering Studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland, however, cooperating with companies from the all over the world. We create 3D visualization of architectural interiors and exteriors .

We are a team of designers of various specializations including architects, interior and landscape designers. Together, we are able to rise to any challenge.
  • Bogdan Savluk
    Founder & CEO
  • Andre Burbala
    Founder & Art Director
Our expirience
Our broad experience consists of different types of projects, including:

  • conceptual renderings supporting the design process
  • fast and affordable rendering for architect - client meetings
  • visualizations for architecture and design competitions
  • commercial renderings for large scale properties
  • full CG service for properties including branding, 2d/3d layouts, brochures, websites and many more.

Projects with our images have won several architectural competitions, and sold lots of properties in the early building stages. Visualizing unbuilt, is crucial for the project to succeed, and that's what we are good at Visit our facebook page for latest achievements.
Our clients
We constantly cooperate with architectural practices and property companies from Poland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, France, Estonia, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Need to say, we deliver images ALWAYS on time. With our experience in the field and high-end computing network, we are able to take up crucial tasks, with unreal short deadlines.
MOLOT is a Ukrainian word that translates to 'hammer' - and it's the perfect name for an architectural visualization studio.

The hammer is a powerful tool used in building and construction, and it is also a symbol of strength and progress. By choosing this name for the studio, it conveys the message that the company is dedicated to creating strong, powerful images that will help architects and builders envision their projects in a better way.

Just like a hammer can help shape and build something from nothing, MOLOT can help bring architectural projects to life.
Let's talk
Feel free to write and call us.
We really love to communicate with our clients.


Plac Konstytucji 6,
Warsaw, Poland
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